Nashville Carpet and Duct Cleaners is the top choice for your carpet and duct cleaning needs. You can purchase our services in packages and save more or buy them individually depending on the type service you require.

We only use ECO-Friendly products that are Non-Toxic as possible without effecting quality. We started using truck mounted equipment from the companies start. We believe using the best commercial quality equipment can make sure the job is done professionally, with the right equipment.

We love to hear the good ‘Ole Oh my gosh. My carpets looks great!. or the, Can you do the rest of the house? This is Amazing. It just makes us smile as we take our work seriously & believe in satisfying our customer’s needs is seriously important as in today’s increase in needs VS. decrease in income, it makes it hard to justify spending money. But we “Get It” Trust us as we love to make sure you are getting your moneys worth!

So you can count on our staff to handle all types of stains, rips, cigarette burns & more types of damaged carpet or special upholstery needs. You are “Officially Welcome” to ask us anything as where ready to answer your questions.

Carpet and Rug types we clean are:
*Cotton carpets *Fine fabrics *Oriental carpets *Residential carpet
*Commercial carpets *Stain-Resistance carpets.

Types of Industries we clean at are:
*Hotels/Motels *Businesses *Homes/Apartments/Condos *Churches/Funeral Homes
*Bowling Alleys *Retirement homes *Hospitals *Restaurant *Schools/Colleges

Contact us right now for supurb quality workmanship from
Nashville Carpet & Duct Cleaners.

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